Can you live in a Concrete Pipe

Can you live in a huge Concrete Pipe?


A Hong Kong architect has designed a micro apartment for a maximum of two tenants, in a concrete pipe. The prices of apartments in Hong Kong are steadily rising and huge, so it inspired this architect to make something smaller and cheaper because many people are forced to live in smaller apartments. Because of this situation, obviously there is a need for truly innovative solutions. Thus, architect James Lowe built a portable house of concrete pipes for plumbing.


Better life in the tube than being a homeless person, says his slogan. This small house is an experimental micro housing unit with a low price built of pipes for plumbing with dimensions of 2.5 meters diameter and an area slightly larger than 9 square meters.


This house can be an apartment for one to two tenants and can be equipped with a kitchen and a bathroom. These tubes can easily be moved.

OPod Tube Housing designed by James Law Cybertecture architects is made out of left over large diameter concrete water pipes commonly used in city water infrastructure and convert them into mobile pod housing that can be stacked to form fast and cheap and innovative housing. This non profit project is designed to help alleviate the affordable housing crisis for young people in Hong Kong and other parts of the world. #OPod #JamesLawCybertecture

Gepostet von OPod Tube Housing by James Law Cybertecture am Donnerstag, 7. Dezember 2017

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