DIY: Hand Ladders Decoration For Your Sweet Home

The ladders are a trend in decoration, it is a very interesting element to decorate and, recycled, they become useful and versatile objects, giving a different and original touch to any corner.


Below, we present you with ideas about DIY: ladders, how to recycle them. Two great phenomena characterize the current decoration: the recycling of old furniture and the DIY (Do It Yourself).


Many times we are not aware of the use that can be given to certain objects inside the house because we do not imagine them outside their usual context. If you have a ladder that has a certain hearth, that you just use for having lost stability or safety you can recycle it by giving it a second life turning it into a practical piece of furniture.


The untreated wood submerges us in a naturist trend, very fashionable, that’s why the old painter’s stairs can give you new functions at home: bookstores, bedside tables, towel hangers in the bathroom …



If we want to create eclectic environments or enhance a rustic decoration, we will use recovered ladders. It is not necessary to paint them or apply finishing products that hide their essence it is enough to clean them well using a neutral detergent or wood renovator and let them dry.


The kitchen is one of the places in the house where we accumulate more objects and, therefore, we need more space. For this reason, we usually stack the utensils for cooking and serving in cupboards and cupboards where they are hidden from view.


However, there are “pots” that, because they are widely used or are especially decorative, it is convenient to have them within reach and in sight. One way to do it is by hanging them from these ladders.




In the bathroom the ladders can serve us both as a decorative element and as a shelf for perfumes, toothbrushes, towels …




In the bedroom as bedside tables, as a place of support to have organized bedspreads and cushions. The ladders can also be converted into a small dressing room where we can prepare the clothes we are going to use in the next few days, or in a gallant at night when we return home after work.



We can also use them as organizers of accessories: shawls, scarves, belts, necklaces. In this way, these become decorative elements very natural and simple.



In the living room as shelves, bookstores, photo exhibitors, magazine racks. The possibilities of the stairs are many. They manage to give a differentiating touch to space by using them as unconventional auxiliary furniture.




In the garden the shelves of the hand ladders can perform the function of shelves in which we can place different details and plants to highlight the beauty of the garden.



If we want to create a special decoration, they can serve as support for lighting and decorative elements.



Simply find the beauty of the hand ladders and if you like sweet home you can do it yourself!


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