11 Decorating ideas for your balconies to look luxurious

Create an luxurious balcony this summer – with details that take it to brand new levels. It’s easy and fast, but makes a big difference. Here is the styling pin that raises the luxury feeling on the balcony.

Put the gold edge on the balcony with details that make it feel more luxurious in a snap.

Plants, fabrics, lighting and decorations – it doesn’t have to be difficult to get such a dreamy balcony that you will want to spend the whole summer there. Here are our best tips.

Furniture made of natural materials


There is a difference between materials and materials, not only quality but also the impression.

You can bet on balcony furniture in beautiful natural materials, it raises the luxury feeling considerably, whether it is in the form of a rattan chair, a bamboo flower board, a cotton string, a sheepskin plaid or a glass or clay pot.

Create an oasis


Plants do not only make a difference indoors, green and lush is also a full course to have outdoors if you want to make the balcony feel luxurious.

For a trendy feeling you are investing in a mixture of wild-growing, sprawling greenery and trees, which you place high and low. You can supplement with edible plants and herbs, which you either cultivate from seed or buy as finished plants.

Light trails in new ways


A light loop wrapped around the railing is a simple styling knob that sets the mood, but does not stop there.

Place another light loop vertically in one of the corners or hang another like a pennant in the ceiling. Test yourself, you can’t fail with light trails.

Place some curtains


Besides having pillows and blankets, there is another soft detail that can take the balcony to new levels – and it’s curtains.

You do not need to put them in a window but can use rolling fabrics such as sun protection or sun protection during the hottest summer days. Or simply just as a beautiful and luxurious detail as frames in the balcony.

Combine lighting


When summer is at its best, the nights are almost as bright as the days, with the exception of a few hours. Despite this, some extra light can raise the atmosphere and give the balcony a luxurious golden edge.

Light trails are a nice balcony classic and this season we are skipping the small diodes in favor of large light bulbs and round shapes. It will be best to combine the light trails with candles in the form of lanterns.

Soft shapes and textiles


Soften the outdoor floor and facade with fabrics that give a lovely impression to the balcony – no matter what style you desire.

Dress the balcony table with a tablecloth, decorate with beautiful ornamental pillows and hang plaids on the backs of the chair. Then add interior details and plants and you are in port.

Decorate with tulle


Create a luxurious and irresistible oasis on the balcony using a little tulle. In fact, it does not have to be more difficult than that.

Tighten the tulle in the ceiling over a frame in the form of a circle and decorate with cushions, cushions and plaids inside the fabric’s skira walls. A simpler variant is to use an already finished network with suspension.

Decor as inside


Many use the balcony as a second living room in the summer – so decorate it!

Set out armchairs, interior with lighting, textiles, nice pillows and a stylish rug. Finish with potted plants, cut flowers and why not hang a picture wall if you have the opportunity?

Put emphasis on vases


Pots and plants in all honor, but a more exclusive impression you get with beautiful vases on the balcony.

Choose solid pots with a little weight that does not blow when the wind wines, and fill them with twigs and flowers – a luxury bohemian grip is to pick the wild flowers of the season.

Take out the decor


Take the balcony to new heights by decorating with a real ceiling light. A powerful variant of fabric gives luxury to any balcony – and you don’t even need to plug it in. Only the shape and location makes the balcony feel more exclusive.

Don’t forget the floor


If the balcony floor is not so much to boast about, just cover it with a carpet. There are many nice variations of outdoor rugs that you can either put on a small part of the floor – or whole.

If you have a hard time deciding on only one variant, several carpets that wrap around can create a lovely atmosphere.


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