5 decor ideas that create summer feel in the Kitchen

Here we give tips about the interior design knobs and the details that create summer feel in the kitchen.

There are few people eager to make all the meals in the summer kitchen, but it is possible to pick up the summer feeling and make the cooking and meals indoors a little more delicious. Sunshine, rain or overcast – create a summer oasis in the kitchen regardless of outdoor weather.

Enjoy the seasonal light, greenery and warmth by decorating with inspiration from all the lovely summer moments. In this way, you can also maintain the feeling far into the fall.

Add herbs


It is wonderful to be able to pick fresh herbs for cooking from the garden or balcony, but if you both miss you should not despair. Add some pots of fresh herbs to the kitchen to get the same summer feeling when cooking. In addition, the green small leaves give a nice summer color click to the kitchen interior – not to mention the smell!

Soften up with linen


The kitchen is one of the rooms in the home that can easily feel a little cold because practical surfaces often dominate the impression. Soften the kitchen interior with textiles and create the summer feel with the favorite linen.

Linen is both practical, environmentally friendly and a really nice choice of material in the kitchen that is available in all possible colors. In addition, it is possible to decorate with the beautifully shiny fabric in a variety of ways – from linen cloth and napkins to curtain, kitchen towel and runner.

Pick up the greenery


Let the summer’s greenery enter all the rooms of the home. It can take place like a bouquet on the kitchen table, a knitting or a small greenhouse on the windowsill or why not as a winding green plant on the shelf. Several green elements contribute to creating a summer feeling in the kitchen.

Not particularly green on your fingers? Combine some easy-care plants with botanical prints to create the style! Are you going to leave and are afraid that the plants will die? Instead, bet on a bouquet of dried flowers that stand.

Canvas in summer colors and shapes


A simple trick to giving every meal a summer feeling is to choose porcelain after season. Pick up plates, glasses and serving bowls in light pastels, lovely blue or why not in summer green, yellow or orange? Combine with shades of white for a bright whole or fully invest in the colorful piece.

It is also possible to pick in the summer in the shape of porcelain. Particularly trendy is that with worm-shaped bowls, dishes and details that fix the summery style of the home in a snap.

Inspired by rural details


Inspired by rural, romantic kitchens in the details to give the kitchen a summery touch and to bring your thoughts to sunny summer days in the country whether you work or if it rains outside the window.

Create temporary furnishing details by setting up fruits and vegetables in fine caskets or baskets and let the rustic wooden cutting board and coffee pot stand in front – ready for the summer breakfast.

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