Create Compact Living Kitchen

Do not let a small area prevent you from decorating it nicely and cleverly. With the help of a few simple tricks you can create modern kitchen

Of course, the size is important for the interior, but a compact kitchen can be at least as charming and elegantly decorated, if not smarter, than a spacious one. A lot is about using the surfaces to the fullest, thinking outside the frames and using well-tried tricks to make your kitchen look bigger than it really is.

Create an open hanging storage for the kitchen gadgets and also use the windowsill.


Use bright and fresh shades of colors to give an open and snug impression


Decorate the height with open shelves on surfaces that you would not otherwise use


Think outside the frames and decorate with stylish photos or art on litter rooms. It gives the kitchen a personal touch


Green plants create well-being regardless of the size of the room. If you are short of space, a tip is to decorate with window-hung amps


Gray furniture and white goods not right up to the ceiling, the space on top of these is excellent for storage. It is best to choose fine containers, baskets and boxes


A round table takes up less space than an angular and is a good choice for the small kitchen


Bright shutters give the kitchen an open feeling, preferably combine with darker details for a nice contrast


Add some high chairs and let the kitchen island with storage function as a dining table if the surface is scarce


A removable trolley is a neat and flexible addition to the gadgets you want to access quickly


Shiny materials and details reflect the sunlight and make the kitchen feel larger than it really is


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