8 plants that are safe for your pets

We all adore our pets and would do anything to protect them. When it comes to arranging a home with home plants, we must be very careful. The greens that we would remove from our home is because of the fear of what could happen to our animal friends, if they eat a poisonous leaf or a flower from our herb.

The good news that we have to share with you is that cats and dogs can coexist with plants in our home, but only with proper selection.


Better news for you! There are many plants that are actually safe for our pet who can also make them healthy and happy. Often we see on social networks, wonderful plants, but unfortunately there are many of them that are poisonous and harmful.

If you want to have a nice green home, while keeping your pets safe, we have made a selection of several beautiful plants. These flowers, except that make your home more beautiful, you will be calm with your pets.

Air Flowers

These plants are not toxic to your pet, and at the same time they are easy to maintain. Once a week, if you give your pet these leaves, they will have a new toy for chewing. But also these plants are wonderful for your home, they act very positively in space and purify the air.


Chlorophytum comosum

This plant is often removed from our home or kept away from our pets. But you no longer have a need for worries, this flower is completely safe for your furry guys.



This beautiful flowers will beautify every corner of your home. Calatea is also great for your pets. This flower has wonderful leaves, making it a unique home.



Do you know that these funny little plants in the form of palm trees are not even palm trees? This sweet plant contributes to having a better peace in your home. With these elastic safe flowers for your pet, you will give life to your home, and at the same time you will feel that you are in a tropical oasis.



With these elastic, beautiful plants that are safe for pets, you will definitely give tropical vibration and little color space in your home.



Orchids are a safe and elegant option for every modern home. When we talk about pets, they worship and are very happy around them.


Christmas Cactus/Schlumbergera

These plants are ideal for growing and you will have them all year long because they grow in winter.



Do you have any idea where to put these roses succulents? They look absolutely superb in the center of a small table or somewhere else, where they can display their beauties as its tops flourish.


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