Decorate your Living Room nicely with wood and leather

Decorate with natural materials such as wood and leather, add details in forest green and collect seasonal plants in vase.

How to create the style? Start from a base of leather furniture and decor with details and textile in different shades of green. Add wood and personal details. Fun and different gadgets often become an “icebreaker” when you have a visit.


Decorate with plants as they benefit our well-being! Green is good!


Don’t be afraid to tile the walls even in the living room. Here the interior designer has placed tiles a bit up the wall and then wallpaper the remaining piece with a dark green wallpaper.

Two different armchairs provide a more personal home than two identical ones.


Fun and different details turn into talks and give a personal home.


Put some dark green wallpaper and bright colors on the walls!


Collect a group of like vases but in different heights as a still life, have a branch or a flower in one of the vases.



Light up and whisper to everyday life with candles.


Dare to put tile even in the living room!


Pictures do not have to hang on the walls, they can stand on an element or shelf.


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